Friday 6 July, 10:30am to 11:30am - Loss & Grief
Loss is a constant in our lives. We all experience loss regularly as a normal part of being human and in our journey of life. Grief, at various levels, is the response to loss. Sally Jeffrey will speak about these vital and normal aspect of our human experience.

Friday 3 August, 10am to 11am - Gardening in Spring
Learn more about companion planting and how to design something suitable for your balcony or your garden. Note time change.

Friday 7 September, 10am to 11am - Inner West Neighbour Aid
Inner West Neighbour Aid supports older people and people with disability to stay independent, healthy and connected. Jackie and Roman, long standing staff members of Neighbour Aid will update you on some exciting and wonderful initiatives, such as the 5 Senses Garden, which is a Neighbour Aid/Canada Bay Council partnership that will bring together the community in a beautiful public space; the Neighbour Aid Pets program and their health and wellbeing programs called Alive & Kicking and Stand Tall.

The workshops are followed by morning tea from 11am till 12noon.